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Wonderful Birth Stories to Inspire and Enlighten!


These are some birth stories and testimonials from some of my briliant Hypnobirthing mums. I hope they inside you and give you a perspective on how fabulous and enpowering birth can be!


"The hypnobirthing course we did with Danielle made me change the way I thought about birth. It made me excited about my birth day and the relaxation exercises and music helped me relax through my pregnancy. I play my baby the hypnobirthing music now and he seems to recogonise it and it helps him sleep too!"

Kate T



This is Angela and Davids birth story of Joseph Christopher. Angela didnt realise she was in labour until she arrived at the hospital 9cm dilated!


Joseph Christopher, born Saturday 25/05/13, 7 pounds 13


I chose to do the hypnobirthing classes because I was terrified at the prospect of the pain of labour. I figured that even if it just made the 9 months of pregnancy more bearable it would be worth it.


The day before I went into labour, I had a hospital appointment, where I was told I was 3/5ths engaged, and it was likely I would have a 7 pound ish baby, having such a neat bump. I hadn’t really noticed any Braxton Hicks and as it was my first I was fully prepared to go quite a bit overdue. I had another appointment booked in for the following Wednesday in which I was prepared to have a sweep, and I had discussed doing continuous daily monitoring with the midwifes in the event of going past 12 days over as I was determined not to be artificially induced.


On the Friday at 11am I noticed some dull, mild period-like ‘pains’, not unlike the ‘burrowing’ I had sensed as my baby began to engage in the preceding weeks. I continued pottering around the house, cooking and cleaning, and had a little nap and played my rainbow CD. They didn’t go away, and I thought perhaps the baby was engaging a little bit more. I had arranged to visit a friend in the afternoon, and enjoyed a serene walk to her house in the sunshine, playing some relaxing music, and slowing down each time I felt a little cramp. As the day went on the cramping continued. A quick google search told me that these were most likely ‘pre-labour contractions’ which could go on for hours, days or weeks before active labour commenced. I stupidly read a post where a woman was told by the hospital to ‘ring back when she had the worst pain she’d ever had in her life’- so I thought, well this is definitely not labour as it doesn’t really hurt at all. I was prepared to settle in for the long-haul.


When my husband got home from work around 6pm we watched tv, and ate dinner. I had a bath, and then decided to try out the TENS machine I had hired, but just using the ‘practice pads’ as I wanted to save the big ones for real labour. At around 11pm I decided to have another bath as it felt nice on my back, and I tentatively suggested timing these cramps (which were totally without any sensation of ‘tightening’ higher up). We decided they were DEFINITELY just pre-labour cramps as they were now around 5 minutes apart and quite long- but they didn’t really hurt at all, so in my mind they couldn’t be labour. I took 2 codeine tablets. Around 1 am, I started to panic about how would I cope with the ‘worst pain in my life’? I insisted that we called the hospital to get checked out, and I was so nervous at the thought of them turning me away saying I wasn’t at all dilated. We got there and the midwife examined me and said ‘You’re 9cm dilated, and you’re going have this baby very soon. You can have the birth you dreamed of, in the pool’. I couldn’t believe I’d done all that at home without knowing I was in labour.


I got in the pool at around 2am, and pretty soon the ‘pushing stage’ began. I know you’re not meant to push with hypnobirthing, but my body just took over and it felt good to bear down. I was in the pool for around 90 minutes, and at every single check the baby was perfectly happy. Being in the pool enabled me to do lots of squatting positions with ease. I have to say I didn’t think I was doing very well, as I had no idea how long it would take, but they told me I was doing brilliantly. There were no screams or swearing whatsoever, just some deep groans and grunting! In between surges I was calm and quiet.


My husband was amazing, doing light touch massage, reminding me of breathing and reassuring me. The baby was back-to-back to start with and I got out of the pool for the midwife to check he had turned ok. I actually found it much easier to finish off the job out of the water, on the couch. The midwife broke my waters (this didn’t hurt at all) and then used her fingers to direct me where to push towards- this really helped. The only painful bit was waiting for the last contraction after the baby had crowned because you can’t push when there’s no contraction. This bit stung and burned a bit.


Baby Joseph Christopher was born at 4.36 am- no drugs at all needed. I would have taken it if I thought I’d needed it, but it honestly never got to that stage, and I normally consider myself a bit of a wuss!


We were able to leave hospital before lunchtime, and we have such a good contented little boy. He breastfeeds brilliantly and is so easily calmed. He barely moved during his heel prick test, and I am certain that the hypnobirthing has helped make me see everything positively and pass on the relaxed feelings to our child.


" The HypnoBirthing course we did with Danielle made me change the way I thought about birth."


NHS Statistics show that 64% of the general Population have Normal Deliveries

compared with 84% of the Hypnobirth Population.

25% of the general Population have

Caesarians. Only 8% of Hypnobirthing mums Population have Caesarians.

15% of the general population have emergency deliveries compared to only 4% of HypnoBirthing mums!

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital



The Main Benefits of HypnoBirthing

The Mongan Method


Comfortable easier births with very little or no pain.


Maintaining calm and control during your birth


Integral role of birth partners


Reduces the instance of c-section and intervention


Reduced labour times


HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer


A lasting memory of a beautiful birthing experience