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NHS Statistics show that 64% of the general Population have Normal Deliveries

compared with 84% of the Hypnobirth Population.

25% of the general Population have

Caesarians. Only 8% of Hypnobirthing mums Population have Caesarians.

15% of the general population have emergency deliveries compared to only 4% of HypnoBirthing mums!

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital



The Main Benefits of HypnoBirthing

The Mongan Method


Comfortable easier births with very little or no pain.


Maintaining calm and control during your birth


Integral role of birth partners


Reduces the instance of c-section and intervention


Reduced labour times


HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer


A lasting memory of a beautiful birthing experience


About Bespoke Bebe!



Hi I’m Danielle Quinn, I founded Bespoke Bebe to provide wonderful antenatal and relaxation services for mum and baby.


I am a trained and experienced HypnoBirthing practitioner (The Mongan Method), Baby massage teacher and a HypnoBirthing mum.


I have two wonderful daughters, after having my first daughter in a medical setting with epidural, pethodine and episiotomy I was anxious when I became pregnant again and was looking for a better way to birth. I couldn’t understand where I had gone wrong and felt that birth should be a joyous celebration rather than a fearful ordeal.

I found HypnoBirthing! The relaxation practices alleviated my fears, I learned the breathing techniques and practiced faithfully. I began to enjoy my pregnancy and look forward to birth.

On the 23rd of November 2010 I had my second daughter peacefully and calmly. The birth was wonderful and even during a 24 hour labour I experienced no pain, there was no need for pain relief and I breathed Elvi-Rose into the world in silence and calm. The midwives were utterly shocked that a 10lb 3oz baby could be birthed in such comfort and quiet without the need for drugs or episiotomy.

Having such a beautiful birthing experience made me want to share this technique with the world and showed me that births like mine are possible. Our bodies and babies are truly working with us and for us!


At Bespoke Bebe I now provide wonderful HypnoBirthing antenatal classes for relaxation and birth preperation and Baby massage classes to continue the relaxation after baby is born.