" The HypnoBirthing course we did with Danielle made me change the way I thought about birth."

" I am certain that the HypnoBirthing has helped make me see everything positively and pass on the relaxed feelings to our child."



Welcome to Bespoke Bebe


We teach HypnoBirthingTM classes in the heart of Chorlton Manchester.


Having a baby can be one of the most empowering and enritching moments in a womens life, deep relaxation and birth preperation can help you have a calm controlled and positive birth.


All classes are tought by Danielle Quinn BA HBCE who is fully qualified and registered to teach HypnoBirthingTM, so you can have piece of mind when booking one of our courses that you and your baby are in safe hands.


Please ring 07752 409 791 or email danielle@bespokebebe.co.uk for more deatils


Next Class - Saturday 9th July!





NHS Statistics show that 64% of the general Population have Normal Deliveries

compared with 84% of the Hypnobirth Population.

25% of the general Population have

Caesarians. Only 8% of Hypnobirthing mums Population have Caesarians.

15% of the general population have emergency deliveries compared to only 4% of HypnoBirthing mums!

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital



The Main Benefits of HypnoBirthing

The Mongan Method


Comfortable easier births with very little or no pain.


Maintaining calm and control during your birth


Integral role of birth partners


Reduces the instance of c-section and intervention


Reduced labour times


HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer


A lasting memory of a beautiful birthing experience